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Childhood when life was easier

my sis again


my sis again


Socorta Island inhabited by somalis and yemenis so beautiful!


Paolo Woods: Socotra

Socotra is an Island in the Indian Ocean that is part of Yemen. It is one of the earth’s most isolated landforms. It has been inaccessible until recently to foreigners because it was a military base. It is becoming a favored destination for ecotourists, bird lovers and researchers. The island’s flora and fauna consists of weird and wonderful species, many that do not exist anywhere else on the planet. Indeed, the 300 species of plants, 24 reptiles, 113 insects and six birds endemic to Socotra have led some to dub it the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. It is a mountainous island with deep and often unexplored caves. Socotra also has miles and miles of pristine white beaches, its position as an oceanic crossroads gives it world-class diving potential.

**I need to be there now.

Mt Fuji - Japan

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